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Choosing the Right Alarm System for the Office

Today it’s no longer enough to guard the perimeter of your office with an electric fence to protect your personnel, property, and confidential information. The world wide web has caused a sudden leap in access to and ability to share information which in turn has led to privacy breaches like never before. To protect against hackers and other more insidious forms of invasion, it’s important to opt for an intelligent, high-grade alarm system complete with smart features that stay up-to-speed with the ever-increasing security threats out there.

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 20 seconds.

The perfect business alarm isn’t a fixed package unlike its unevolved predecessors. It’s customizable and you have the option to pick and choose between different security accessories to put together a unique system that meets the specific requirements of your office. Pair up a range of indoor and outdoor cameras with sensors and detectors (motion, infrared, etc.) to cover each access point in the office that is a potential gateway for a security threat.

Security systems are even getting niftier by the day and a great alarm not only enhances protection, but also offers everyday conveniences with smart features like climate monitors, smart locks, a two-way talk feature, etc.

An alarm system worth its salt provides excellent professional monitoring that is known for its rapid response to emergencies. They’ll call in first responders (police, fire department, ambulances, etc.) the second they detect suspicious activity.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right alarm for your office. What is the approximate square footage of your office? Do you have an outdoor premises? How do you want the video footage stored? Our comprehensive guide on business alarms – “How to Choose the Right Alarm System: The Guide to Best Protect Your Business” – is now available for FREE download. Click here.

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